about_a_chik (about_a_chik) wrote,

Long time...

In my sleep deprived state I realized I have not posted in a while......


Our little family has grown by two little feet. I do want to share her birth story here soon, but now this is just a mommy time out.


Our little princess is doing well. Such a happy baby, just like her big brother.


Speaking of big brother...he is getting four teeth in at once....there has not been much sleep at our house. We have had some kind of bug....just a fever and feeling blah the last couple of days...last week it was a tummy bug. I am hoping to get caught up on sleep and house work this weekend. Hopefully we'll make it back to church. We tried it once after L was born....complete disaster. B had not slept the night before and melted down. I hadn't had sleep so I nearly melted down.


I have been trying to get into a routine since company has left, but with B not feeling well he has just wanted to cuddle, and he will only be little once.


Dishes and laundry can wait until Daddy gets home.


B has started calling Mama ...which thrills me.


He is quite a helpful little fellow. When I change L, he goes and gets me a cover off the drying rack without being asked to. He hands me burp clothes. He loves books and puzzles. There is a puzzle app on Daddy's tablet that he loves. He is very good at it as well.


Mommy's time out is over.

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